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Kinship Care Givers Honored at 2011 PCSAO Conference

Each year, PCSAO recognizes amazing Rising Up and Moving on youth and Families of the Year.  At the Oct. 2011 PCSAO Annual Conference, four kin caregivers were recognized two older sibling kin caregivers, two grandparent family caregivers learn more.


Expanding the continuum of supports and policy for children fortunate enough to be raised by Relatives and other Kin is an ongoing effort.  You can get involved by joining us in support of the following opportunities: 

Pending Legislation in Ohio  

  • HB 279 - Budget Neutral Kinship Care bill. HB 279 Outline, bill would expand HB 130 Grandparent Power of Attorney and Caregiver Authorization Affidavits to other informal kin caregivers.

Visit 129th General Assembly to access information on how to contact your individual State Legislators to educate them about the needs of kinship caregivers and their children.

Learn about new federal opportunities that states can implement on:



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